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About 2 Worlds Festival


The concept of the Two Worlds Festival is to create a culturally significant event that celebrates both Indigenous and Western Culture and seeks to bridge a knowledge gap between the two worlds. The objective is to do this in a fun, entertaining and interactive environment.

Two Worlds Festival will showcase a variety of indigenous and western performers, art, traditional and not so traditional activities, indigenous and modern multicultural food offerings. A true celebration of Australia, the old and the new.

Whilst sharing the rich Indigenous culture of language, ceremony and customs, Two Worlds Festival will also celebrate all genres of music, art and culture from both Indigenous and western performers alike.

Two Worlds Festival is a ‘not for profit’ event that aims to grow organically into a recognised major event that entertains, educates, stimulates and promotes interaction and understanding across two cultures.



The inspiration for the Two Worlds Festival comes from the Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation. ‘Marrma’ Rom’ translates to ‘two worlds, two cultures or two belief systems’ in Yolngu Matha, the language of the people in Arnhem Land.

The Foundation was started in 2011 by Cam Begg and Melissa Patterson, in partnership with the communities of North East Arnhem Land. It is leadership program to empower the next generation of young men from North East Arnhem Land. The vision of this Foundation is to enable them to walk confidently in ‘two worlds’. These young men learn about the world in which we live, gaining valuable knowledge and skills that help them thrive in this ever-changing, technology driven society. They become independent and develop ‘life skills’ that enable them to live in both worlds. They will be the role models for their community in the future. The objective is to be able to expand and grow in the future to offer the leadership program to both boys and girls.

There are currently five lads in the program with Yirrmal Marika having been part of the leadership program for five years.

Yirrmal has developed into an amazingly accomplished musician for his age, performing traditional songs along with western inspired tunes sung with passion and emotion. Yirrmal has been working with mentors Neil Murray, Shane Howard, Archie Roach and Steve Teakle. He has performed at many of the biggest festivals in Australia and has won multiple awards and accolades. Yirrmal aims to set an example for Indigenous youth and to be a strong, positive role-model for the young generation.

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The Two Worlds Festival aims to fulfill two key objectives:

  • To create a culturally significant event that raises valuable   funds to expand the Marrma Rom Foundation.
  • To bridge the gap of understanding between two cultures, by bringing them together and celebrating each other. The objective here is to create an engaging, interactive and inspiring space that is welcoming and fun.

The Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation is currently restricted to developing young male leaders, however the goal is to expand its operations and offer leadership development to young women as well. This is a costly exercise and the Foundation does not receive any government funding, operating purely through donations and fundraising. The Two Worlds Festival would provide an important fillip to its funding and allow it to bring young Yolngu women to Geelong as well.

The Two Worlds Festival aims to be a platform for up and coming performers, headline performers and artists to showcase their talent and passion. It is a creative outlet whereby we celebrate everything both cultures have to offer in a highly inclusive and interactive event.

We would like to invoke the ancestors in an honorific and respectful by way of the didgeridoo, clap-sticks, singing of ancient ceremonial songs, and through expression of modern Indigenous culture and spirit in contemporary pop music. We aim to create an event that fosters empathy and broadens understanding by mainstream Australia of current urban and remote Indigenous issues.

Traditional And Not So Traditional

  • 4 Performance spaces
  • Art Exhibition
  • Food Vans
  • Buskers
  • Silent Disco
  • Dancers
  • Fun For Whole family

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