Yoga has been a part of my life for over 8 years. It has had an amazing impact in my life, inspiring me to spread my knowledge to beautiful, young minds. My love for yoga and children has brought [...]

2WF Opening Ceremony

The 2 Worlds Festival will be opened with a Wurundjeri ceremony, led by the Djirri Djirri dancers. Visiting dance groups will be welcomed onto Wurundjeri land by Traditional Owners to share their [...]

The Didge Circle

One Instrument, One Culture: Shared and Respected The Didge Circle provides opportunity for like-minded people to focus on all aspects associated with the playing of didgeridoo, while recognising [...]

Urban Upcycle

Join Urban Upcycle in using ordinary, everyday items, to create something extra ordinary! It is their mission to help preserve the Earth by minimising negative environmental impact by educating [...]