Modern Australian rock icon Adalita is best known as front woman for Australian indie rock group, Magic Dirt, who have cemented their status as one of Australia’s best loved and highly respected bands. Adalita, principal songwriter and a founding member of Magic Dirt, has successfully been recording, producing and touring records since 1988 and continues to establish herself as an integral part of the Australian music scene.

    In 2011 Adalita released her debut self-titled solo album to rave reviews and completed a national tour to packed houses across Australia, including a performance for His Holiness, The Dalai Lama in June 2011 and also a national tour supporting Blondie and The Pretenders. She won Best Independent Release at the 2011 AIR Awards for her eponymous release and was shortlisted for the 2012 AMP music prize. In 2013, Adalita’s second solo album ‘All Day Venus’ blitzed the music scene, landing her the Age/Music Victoria award for Best Female just a month after its release and an invitation to deliver the keynote speech at the 2014 AIR Awards. Among her many achievements Adalita has worked on various creative collaborations, has been invited to speak at numerous artistic events and she also adds mentoring, acting, film scoring and photography to her repertoire. Adalita is currently working on her 3rd studio album.


    2013 ‘All Day Venus’ LP – Adalita – Liberation Music
    2011 ‘Adalita’  LP – Adalita – Liberation Music
    2010 ‘Hot Air’ EP – Adalita –  Liberation Music


    2011 Best Independent Album – AIR Jagermeister Independent Music Awards
    2013 Best Female – The Age Music Victoria Awards


    2011  Finalist for the AMP Music Prize – Adalita
    2011  AIR Jagermeister Independent Music Awards – Best Independent Artist,
    Best Independent Album (won), Breakthrough Independent Artist Of The Year and Best
    Independent Single or EP (Hot Air EP) – Adalita
    2011  ARIA Awards – Best Female Artist – Adalita


    2014 Delivered key note speech at the Australian Independent Record Labels Assocation (AIR) Awards, Melbourne
    2011  Debut solo album debuted at no.23 on the national ARIA chart and no.4 on the Australian albums ARIA chart
    2011  Performed for His Holiness, The Dalai Lama at ‘Songs For The Dalai Lama’, Burswood Dome, Perth
    2011  Album of the Week Triple R, Drum Media and Melbourne Magazine
    2011  Honoured at ‘Rock Chicks – An Exhibition – Women In Australian Music’, Victoria Arts Centre.
    2011  No.10 – Street Press Australia (SPA) Writers Poll, Album of the Year





    ****1/2 “This music obliterates its contemporaries. A landmark Australian release”. – The Age EG (In reference to ‘All Day Venus’)


    ‘…this is an accomplished collection and Adalita’s vocal delivery will send shivers up your spine with its intense emotion’. – Kathy McCabe (Daily Telegraph)


    ‘…sparse arrangements allow hooks to creep out of the dark, (goose) fleshing themselves out with every guitar strum. There is no third person narrative here – Adalita has blues and bruises on Hot Air and on Good Girl…doing it tough”. – Mikey Cahill (Daily Telegraph)


    ‘…Magic Dirt leader and general bad-arse songstress Adalita, one of Australia’s most intoxicating frontwomen…has just release her debut solo album…ranging from low shyness to a powerful bang, all underscored by her deep, beautiful voice…’ – DRUM MEDIA


    ‘…her songs of loss…each beat a fading heartbeat as The Repairer pulled the plug to end the ache…she picked up her glass, thanked us and went back into the dark. Adalita was and always will be rock chick incarnate, but the rawness of her solo record and performances are making her something more.’ – Ross Clelland (DRUM MEDIA)


    ‘…Adalita’s smokin’ vocal isn’t devoid of vulnerability. She sizzles solo.’ – Bryget Chrisfield (Inpress)


    ‘…Adalita is a surprisingly varied, but entirely self-consistent solo album, beholden to no one and nothing other than one woman’s passion and imagination. At this point in an already brilliant career, it points the way forward for an artist who is in this music caper for life, who is constantly evolving, and whose creative power is mature, irrepressible and far from waning’. – René Shaefer



    ‘…This is music made for arising late and alone after a storm; putting your scattered physical and emotional pieces back together with raw, but heartfelt

    remedies…’ – Andrew Wallace


    ‘…Adalita’s amazing voice and guitar prowess translate into a powerful solo performance which has the attention of all those fanned out in front of her…’ – Scotty Harms (RAVE Magazine)




    ‘…It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Adalita Srsen’s universe has changed. The raucous, riotous scrawl of her band Magic Dirt has mellowed into the haunted vibrato of her eponymous solo debut. Drenched in space rather than feedback, it is a record or pared down intensity. Reading between the lines it’s hard not to think of it as being the work of an unanchored soul.’ – Paul Ransom (RIP IT UP)


    ‘…Her face hidden by a mop of black hair, Srsen is a riveting presence on stage; drawing attention like dark matter draws the universe into its maw…Adalita is a thoroughly strong debut. Less in your face than Magic Dirt and a long way from self-pity, it is one of the strongest singer-songwriter albums of recent years.’ – Toby Creswell


    ‘…there’s a lot going on in this solo album…there’s gritty turbulence and rich subtext lurking within every minimalist track…she has a grasp on everything form simmering lust…and primitive garage rock to curdled atmosphere and those wounds that go on hurting…then there’s that voice: a stark thing of quiet confidence. Without adopting her well-travelled rocker’s roar, Adalita floors us all the same.’ – Jake Cleland (The Big Issue)


    ‘…So heavy was the overwhelming sense of nostalgia and melancholy pulsing through Adalita’s set, that men and women alike were dabbing at their eyes. The sheer sparseness of her sound seemed to amplify the significance of everything — the single beat she pounds in an otherwise bare ‘Fool Around’; the way she sat on the end of the stage with the kids during the long looping guitar part in ‘Hot Air’;  even the waves she threw the crowd seemed loaded, however endearing. “I fuckin’ love ya, Meredith!” she said, before finishing with ‘The Repairer’ — Adalita sprawled over her pedals, the kids banging on tambourines and woodsticks without a care in the world. Amazing…’ – THE VINE