Alice Skye

    Alice Skye is a singer-songwriter, Wergaia woman and universal little sister. Originally from country Victoria, Alice grew up aside the sandstone mountains and wildflowers of the Grampians. Still inspired by her roots, Alice now calls Melbourne home and says “I take great pride in my heritage and to combine both music and my background brings me an unexplainable amount of pride and happiness.” In 2015 Alice entered the Alukura Competition (Alukura meaning ‘women’ in the Arrernte language), run by Australia’s longest running Indigenous music label CAAMA Music, and Alice’s original song ‘You Are The Mountains’ was selected to lead the compilation album. Funnily enough up until then, Alice’s family and friends had no idea she could write music and had never seen her perform!

    Alice Skye’s songs sparkle with a sensitivity and maturity well beyond her years, accompanied by the gentle and hauntingly sparse melodies of a piano score. Very like young British singer-songwriter Birdy, Alice’s voice is a combination of hopeful and haunting, naturally sweet and slow and dreamlike.

    Her stripped back piano melodies elevate the gentle moodiness of her songwriting, transforming her once bedroom scribblings into well-crafted and articulated lyrics on love, loss and life. Alice Skye is a name set to soar in the Australian music scene as music lovers begin to learn more about this young yet mature new music talent.

    Key Achievements:

    • • In 2015, Alice was a finalist in the Triple J Unearthed NIMA competition and named one of the 5 new Indigenous artists you need to hear in 2017.
    • • She’s been hailed by the Courier Mail as one of the Top 5 must-see acts prior to her incredible performance at the BIGSOUND CAAMA Music Showcase in September 2017.
    • • Alice’s first single ‘60%’ was added to high rotation on Triple J Unearthed and reached #3 in the national AMRAP AirIt Regional Charts in its third week.
    • • Alice has received national airplay on Triple j, ABC Radio National and a raft of community stations nationally.
    • • To date, Alice has 1,163 monthly listeners on Spotify.
    • • Her latest single ‘Poetry By Text’ was on AMRAP’s Face The Music 2017 playlist.
    • • Alice’s music has been added to Qantas’ in-flight programming
    • • Alice has supported the likes of Benny Walker, Archie Roach and Colin Hay
    • On the 8th March 2018, Alice was awarded the inaugural First Peoples Emerging Artist Award at the One of One International Women’s Day Breakfast in Melbourne.


    Friends with Feelings – released April 2018


    ‘You Are The Mountains’ – released 2015

    ‘60%’ – released August 2017

    ‘Poetry By Text’ – released October 2017


    Richard Kingsmill – “Love the way you’re working that voice. Keep writing/singing please….”

    Zan Rowe – “Love that stripped back, reverb filled piano and voice. Very raw, really beautiful.”

    Dom Alessio – “What a heartbreaker.”

    The Music (on ‘60%’) “an ethereal, sparse framework built on Skye’s eminently warm vocal tones and piano accompaniment, mixing in restrained percussion and the occasional E-piano run for good measure.”

    The Music (on ‘Friends with Feelings’) – “As soon as the tune begins, the listener is drawn into Skye’s world through her deeply absorbing musical arrangements and the intimate lyrics, taken from years’ worth of journal entries, that she sings with moving clarity.”


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    Alice Skye – CAAMA Music promo 2017