Sarah Carroll duo

    “Some of us come leaping into this world with a sparkly set of pipes ready to conquer the ears of the masses. Sarah’s tone, timbre and delivery sit squarely at the other end of the spectrum: honed by a life of keen listening, while supporting or collaborating with other singers and musicians, Sarah’s voice has matured into the kind of ripe fruit that artists dream of possessing – considered, compassionate, wise, strong and female, Jackie Marshall, The Travelling Songwriter’s Almanac, April 2018

    Sarah Carroll has performed at most of Australia’s high-profile festivals over a 25 year career, and is noted for her work with GIT, The Junes and The Cartridge Family. She launched her epic progressive country album Star Parade, out on Sugarrush Music, with a national tour and a trip to the USA, where she appeared at Americanafest as part of the Australian contingent. Her new band The Left Wing features ace producer and multi-instrumentalist Leigh Ivin on guitars and keys and her supernaturally talented son George on bass, drums and vocals, as well as Tamworth legend Ronny Rindo on drums and percussion. Star Parade reached the top 5 on the Airit regional radio charts and has received golden reviews in the press as well as strong support from public radio and the ABC across the country.

    Sarah has enjoyed supporting high-profile artists at home such as Kinky Friedman (USA), Mic Conway, Old Man Luedecke (Canada), Eddi Reader (Scotland), Renee Geyer, Tim Rogers and one of Australia’s finest songmen, Neil Murray. In the USA, she works with the likes of Anne McCue, Tommy Womack and Bill Kirchen.

    Sarah is an experienced radio broadcaster and music writer, having most recently published an interview with one of her favourite American songwriters, Robbie Fulks in Rhythms magazine.