Todd Cook

    Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the first Australian Cricket team (also first international sporting team) to tour England in 1868, Todd Cook has created a new EP, ‘The Silent Boat’, to convey this epic and relatively untold part of Australian History. The team, predominately made up of indigenous players from Western Victoria, displayed outstanding sportsmanship and skill and their story is a beacon of hope in a dark page of Australian history.

    Todd combines intricate folk/finger picking guitar, passionate singing, Irish Bouzouki and didge to portray vast landscapes and vivid story telling. His live shows received rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and all of his previous four releases (So Long, Hunting Ground, Brilliant Green) have had wide airplay nationally on Triple J and internationally through Cross Blues (France) and radio Vilafant (Spain).

    The new E.P, ‘The Silent Boat’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Robin Mai (John Butler- Sun Rise over Seas and Augie March- Moo you Bloody Choir) at Woodstock Studios Melbourne. The list of world class musicians who also performed on the recording – Danny Mckenna (Jeff Lang) on drums, Ben Franz (The Waifs) on double bass and Alex Burkoy (Tin Pan Orange) on Violin – helps take these well-crafted songs to the next level.