Xavier Rudd

    Xavier Rudd has captivated audiences for two decades. His socially conscious indie-folk has been a vessel for his spirit –narrating the journey of a composer with a gift for channelling life into song. Over the course of nine studio albums, eight live records and countless global touring miles, Xavier has dedicated his life to his art and the worldwide legion of music fans who stand proudly beside him. Without ever chasing it, Xavier has been inundated with critical acclaim and industry accolades. From Gold and Platinum records and ARIA nominations at home in Australia, to #1 single chart success and arena-sized audiences throughout Europe, Xavier occupies the rarefied stratum of songwriters whose commercial success parallels the vastness of their organic fanbase.

    Each Xavier Rudd record has gleaned new insights into his bottomless bag of tricks. He is as potent a solo artist as he is captaining the legendary United Nations –his multinational full-band extravaganza. His discography is distinct and unmistakably Xavier Rudd, yet filled with nuance and ideas that evolve and propagate over time. From the starting point of his 2002 debut To Let, Xavier has gone on to release classic album after classic album: Solace(2004), Food In The Belly(2005), White Moth(2007), Dark Shades Of Blue(2008), Koonyum Sun(2010), Spirit Bird(2012), Nanna(2015) and Storm Boy(2018). To ponder Xavier Rudd’s contribution to music would simply lead to understatement… his work speaks for itself, and his fans speak louder still.

    Yet nothing compares to experiencing Xavier Rudd in concert. Every show is a unique and exciting experience, whether Xavier performs solo, with a three-piece band, or as the ninth member of the United Nations. Touring almost non-stop, Xavier has amassed huge followings in Australia, North America and Europe –often choosing idyllic destinations such as Costa Rica and Hawaii, where his music, his message, and the environment around him all meet in stunning synchronicity. His live albums document a meteoric rise, spanning from 2001’s Live In Canada to 2017’s Live In The Netherlands, encompassing performances in Bonnaroo, Brussels and Melbourne along the way. Evident on each recording: Xavier Rudd is truly at his best on stage in the company of his fans.

    Humble and grounded, Xavier continues to grow and evolve. Raising awareness of Aboriginal culture, the stories of the Stolen Generation and his own Indigenous heritage, his impact off-stage has been equally powerful. From his earliest days as a sun-bleached surfer crafting a musical aurora from behind a forest of instruments he has developed the most unique yidaki(didgeridoo) and percussion kit in the world, evolving over 20 years. Now one of the world’s most important artists, Xavier is both a literal and figurative voice of truth that transcends geography, language and ideology. A phenomenon unlike any other, with each new release Xavier continues to create the best music of his career, surpassing the expectations of his loyal, sophisticated fanbase.