Yirrmal and the Miliyawutj

    Yirrmal is the ‘Youngblood’ (the title of his debut EP) of the next generation and he is setting an example of living in two worlds, balancing between traditional and contemporary cultures. He is an inspiring songwriter and guitarist with a powerful voice, singing songs about life and culture in both his first language of Yolngu Matha and English. Yirrmal fuses traditional and contemporary arrangements and sings with feeling and depth beyond his years. He openly shares his identity, spirit and connection to the land and engages the hearts of those that are lucky enough to hear him. Yirrmal will perform with his three-piece ‘Yirrmal and the Miliyawutj’, giving a rocking edge to his songs. ‘Miliyawutj’ is a Yolngu word that refers to fertile waters where the fresh and salt meet, inferring a balance between two entities. These powerful live performances are something every Australian should experience.