• It was a positive experience on many levels - we felt so well looked after and the Festival Staff were second to none. Furthermore - on a cultural level, we genuinely feel that this festival deserves a big future.

    Phil & Trudy Edgeley Musicians
  • The mix of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers with other backgrounds - so it truly felt like a space for reconciliation without trying too hard. The musicians killed it and some of them have been my favourites for many years, so it was a really emotional and moving event for me. There was a naturalness to this.  

    Vicki 2WF patron
  • We hope this event will grow and be supported in the future. The message of reconciliation and celebration of our countries indigenous heritage should be valued and promoted.

    Kate Rice Mini Maestros
  • Congratulations on such an amazing festival! Thank you so much for having us, we had an absolute ball! The location, the acts, the staff, the food! Everything was just done with such love and care and passion and the crowd just loved it. I thought the 2 Worlds Festival was truly unique and inspiring. I loved the melding of indigenous and western cultures - there was a lot to see as soon as you walked into the gate, lots of different performers and forms of art like indigenous dancing, local folk craft and rock n roll bands all at the same time. A lot of love and care and attention to detail was put into the event. From the perspective of an artist too, we were welcomed incredibly warmly and treated incredibly well, which can really affect how you play on the day. I think 2 Worlds is an exceptional cultural event, one that I will remember for a long time and one that I hope will continue to showcase, inspire and educate. Best of luck with everything! Thank you again for having us. Cheers

    Adalita Musician
  • The non-profit vibe just resonates through the entire festival - from the kid busking for Chris Wilson to Baker Boy to an electric and fun Tim Rogers to Shane and Yirrmal to the well-priced food (loved the sausages) it just felt like a step toward building community and understanding whilst celebrating what we have now. This kind of event give me a lot of faith we can create real change.

    James 2WF patron
  • There is a connection amongst festival goers who are drawn to the type of music on offer, with a strong indigenous centre, that creates a feeling of being with like-minded, friendly people.

    Facebook post 2WF patron
  • Very welcoming and inclusive. People there more for the music than the intoxication. The location and the chilled vibe from the staff/no heavy police or security presence and yet no trouble from the patrons.

    Facebook post 2WF patron
  • I think diversity on the bill is great; I think with all the conversations going on about diversity on a bill, be it gender or cultural diversity, but I also think a musical diversity like some hip hop over here and some Death Metal over here and some punk rock here, electronic dance music here; That is what I like about festivals. I played the 2 Worlds Festival in Geelong the other week. The intent was to bring indigenous artists and non-indigenous artists together and that was about the best festival I have played in 30 years, it was amazing. It was really wonderful. I think it is all about looking after the folks that are there, not just throwing a couple of thousand people into a field and expecting them to enjoy it.

    Tim Rogers (You Am I) Overdrive Magazine, Dec. 2018
  • The most amazing experience for us as the guest dancers on Wadawurrung Country was that we danced alongside other amazing people such as the Traditional Custodians, Yirrmal and the Gunditjmarra mobs. Sharing the diversity of our cultures is integral for cultural strengthening within our own mobs, not just the wider audience. The most powerful moment was when we all went up and introduced ourselves to Yirrmal and his dancers after his gift exchange, where his language came from another place, it still gives me goose bumps listening to the power of his language. When we introduced ourselves and I thanked him for his amazing presence, he told us that we made them strong as well. This is something that is so powerful that words cannot explain as it transcends this world.

    Djirri Djirri Dance Group 2WF Opening Ceremony dancers
  • Marrma’ Rom Foundation play an immensely important role in empowering indigenous youth to become leaders and role models, yet the importance of promoting understanding and appreciation of their beautiful culture, language and customs cannot be understated. Your beautiful and moving opening ceremony was a highlight of the festival.

    Coralie Nash Volunteer

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